About Sue

Sue Malliate photo

I stumbled upon the importance of energy during a five year experience of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) when I didn’t have any! Even on ‘good days’ when I would start out feeling okay, the fragile and unpredictable nature of my energy, the accompanying array of distressing symptoms and the resulting inability of my body to perform even the most basic functions, was both frustrating and disheartening. I was unable to continue working in what had been my career for over 20 years, as a registered nurse and midwife. I had to stop, connect to my spirit and discover a new way to live.

I have come such a long way since then – and I feel incredibly grateful and blessed every day!

Through energy healing, Wu Tao dancing, yoga, meditation, creative expression and personal work, I recovered from CFS and embarked upon a new direction – completing a four year diploma course in energy healing through the Healing Energies Foundation of New Zealand.

I now have a wonderful energy healing practice with clients from Australia and overseas and I enjoy my volunteer work in the holistic healing centre at Calvary – a hospice and support facility for people experiencing cancer and other life limiting conditions. In my healing work there as part of a ‘Care for the Carers’ program, I am privileged to facilitate energy healing with staff, carers and patients.  I love my work as a healer and intuitive; supporting people in their healing journey is amazing!

Training as a teacher of Wu Tao – the dancing way, has further expanded my understanding of the interconnectedness of our body and subtle energy systems with the environment, our spirit and with all aspects of life. In order to feel healthy and alive, we need to be in alignment – not only within our body – but also with our soul. Dancing Wu Tao never fails to energise and uplift me – it awakens my spirit and brings feelings of joy, deep peace and gratitude for all that life brings. The ladies in my Wu Tao Dance classes are amazing souls – our classes have become very special, sacred and joy-filled occasions that we all look forward to!

I have continued my own personal spiritual journey and am feeling very excited by all that is unfolding in my life.

I am truly living a soul-infused life – it feels amazing! The new direction that my soul is guiding me in pertains to the opportunity that we all have to live in a way that truly honours our Divine nature.

So – my work this year is expanding to include bringing consciousness and soul awareness to every moment of our life on this planet: Sacred Birth, Sacred Life and Sacred Death…

When requested, I am already actively supporting people in their transition through the death process – a most beautiful privilege. I do this by holding them in love, bringing healing where needed and clearing energetic pathways. This allows their journey home to be easy and filled with love. They are always met by a beautiful guide or loved one who walks with them, the rest of the way…

Supporting people to live a sacred, soul – infused life is what I most love to do in my healing sessions with clients. Not everyone is ready to choose this path and their healing session is loving and powerful and exactly what they need in that moment. For those who are ready to align with their soul – energy healing is an amazing and divine modality.

The new guidance I am currently receiving is to expand my energy work into supporting incoming souls – to facilitate a loving and sacred birth. My experience as a midwife will no doubt be useful in this work, however, my main role will be more as a spiritual ‘doula’, being with the mother, father and the beautiful new incoming life and divine soul – to make the transition into life on earth as smooth and loving as possible.

I am very excited about the coming year!

Life is full of amazing discoveries and opportunities to become whole, authentic and fully alive. Learning to live more consciously and in alignment with our soul brings joy, excitement, peace and enhances every aspect of our being. It is a great way to live!

I look forward to meeting you soon,

Peace to all, light to all, love to all…