What is Energy Healing?

It is a holistic modality which supports our life journey. blue butterfly on pink blossom

An energy healing session will bring you to a state of relaxation and balance. Blocked or stagnant energy that is held anywhere in your being, is gently cleared and transformed.  Harmony and flow are restored and you will feel rested and rejuvenated.

Healing opens your heart and honours your spirit, aligning you to your highest truth.

We are energy beings. Our body, our intellect, our emotions and our spirit are interconnected through a beautiful network of energy. Our chakras, energy pathways (meridians) and the human energy field (aura) are the means whereby our whole being is sustained, nurtured, healed and guided. To experience energy healing is to experience wholeness. To align to the best you can be, so that you can live with purpose, joy and passion!

If you are serious about living the best life you can, about walking a soul guided path and living from love – energy healing is a beautiful way to nurture this process.

How does healing work?

Two hands holding the soles of clients feet

During a healing session, I am connected to the grounding energy of the earth and to the infinite healing energy of the Divine. Using advanced healing skills and intuitive insight, under Divine guidance and in the presence of unconditional love, I bring Divine healing energy through my hands and into you, the client.

Whatever healing is needed in that moment for the client is what will occur in the session. You, as a client, will hold an intention for the healing to bring conscious awareness to whatever you wish to address or to bring healing to in your life. Healing will occur in a way that is right for you and in accordance with your highest good.

In this way, we bring healing, support and alignment to all aspects of our being: our physical body, our emotions, our thoughts and our spirit – connecting us with our inner wisdom and joy.

We discover that we are strong and grounded and that we have much more energy available to experience the things we love and to create our life. We develop a deeper understanding of who we are and why we are here. We begin to see the beauty and sacredness that is all around us and to connect to the deeper wisdom we hold within.


 What exactly is the subtle energy system and Human Energy Field that is accessed during energy healing?

      The human energy field is an advanced and complex communication system as well as an amazing means to sustain and nurture us on every level. The chakras, meridians, nadis and the various levels within our energy field, allow for the transmission of energy and information between all aspects of ourselves – our physical body, the earth and the environment around us. Additionally, this process supports us as we process emotions, thoughts and beliefs. It also allows us to connect to and communicate with the higher frequency energy of our soul and to the Divine.

When all of the doorways (chakras) and corridors (meridians and nadis) are open and clear, there is a free flow of chi or life force energy and information transmission. This is much like the way in which good blood- flow within the body brings oxygen and nutrients to every cell and nerve impulses and chemical messengers, such as hormones and neurotransmitters, relay information. Similarly,  the more subtle energy vibrations within our energy field interpenetrate and communicate with every cell in our body as well as with our thoughts, emotions, our soul and Divine guidance.

If the doors and corridors are damaged, closed, congested or blocked, this vital life force energy is also blocked and the information relay system is unable to operate optimally. This can lead us to feeling ‘stuck’ in our life, and can lead to pain, imbalance or disease in our physical body. We may then be unable to connect to our inner guidance system and to the wisdom of our soul. We become limited in every way and may lose our enthusiasm for life and feel like a big part of us is missing…

We are amazing beings!

stones and pink orchids

When our body, mind, emotions and soul are in alignment, our life truly becomes extraordinary!


“Healing happens when body, mind, heart and soul align in love…”