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Our upcoming May retreat is shaping up to be a fabulously creative, sacred, relaxing & joyous celebration!

A Divine World of Love Women's Retreat!

Together we create a sacred circle of women

A World of Love is a choice of Love ~ if it’s to be, it starts with me!

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The essence of our retreat is about consciously creating our own personal World of Love  through choosing Joy, Love, Peace & Harmony in our own lives.

Once we have raised our personal vibration through love, we naturally become a catalyst for elevating the vibration of those around us – joy is contagious!

 I am feeling excited by the beautiful energy that is creating this ‘coming together of souls’ in a joyous celebration!

So, if your soul is calling to you, if you would like to live a sacred, purposeful and joyful life, please come along to Rainbow’s Reach and let the magic begin!

Contact me today for more information, a flyer and to book your place 🙂

 Call Sue on 0413 644 489

What people are saying about these retreats:

“Sue leads amazing Women’s Retreats… I went last year and it was fantastic” –Deborah

“Fun, relaxing, great company, beautiful surroundings, did I mention fun?! Thanks again Sue for such a great retreat, I was so glad to have shared the experience with you and a lovely bunch of ladies”- Anne-Maree


Watch our retreat promo video here! 

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If you have not yet experienced a retreat that honours the very essence of you – that celebrates you exactly as you are – now is the time!

So, book your place, tell your friends and pack a bag…

A wonderful weekend awaits!

*Please note: numbers are strictly limited, so reserve your place early *

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A little more info for you

 The activities and experiences of the weekend will largely emerge from the group energy as people bring forth their joyous soul offerings!

There will be a few sacred group times to align us to our intention for the weekend, to prepare our physical body and energy field (meditation, breath – work, movement, laughter) and to bring in the energy of beautiful divine beings who will be with us during our weekend of retreat.

There will also be space for stillness, for going within and for experiencing the beauty and grounding energy of the natural world.

Rainbow’s reach has a wonderful fire-pit, so on Saturday night we will have a beautiful big fire and maybe do some drumming, dancing, sacred ceremony – whatever arises from our souls!

All other activities will be optional and you are invited to follow your inner wisdom and to only do the things that open your heart, lift your spirit and make your soul sing!

 My intention for the Women’s retreats is to firstly provide a space for each person to relax and unwind, away from their everyday stress and responsibilities and secondly, to facilitate a deeper connection with ourselves – body, mind, heart and soul. In this space, amazing things happen!

I invite you to come along and experience the wonder for yourself 🙂


The wonderful women who attended our last retreat brought with them such beauty and love that our weekends became a very special meeting of hearts, minds and souls…and it was great fun!

 Both our workshops and retreats are held in beautiful natural settings to encourage us to slow down and connect with the stillness, nurturing energy and beauty that is all around us in the natural world.


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I look forward to celebrating with you soon!

With love, Sue