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The Sound of Healing

~ Sacred Sound Vibrational Healing ~


Tune in to your soul sound and discover the healing vibes of Joy, Love, Peace and Harmony


  Wednesday WondersCome and join us on Wednesday mornings for an enjoyable 2 hours in the natural world as we listen, become present, tune in and sing to Mother Earth.


When: Wednesday mornings beginning 1st February, 2017

Where: Various natural locations around Sydney – details will be posted on our Energy to Heal Facebook page

Cost: $15

Contact Sue for more information.

Come along and sing your soul song!

Healing the earth brings healing to all





 Upcoming workshop dates will be posted soon…


wu tao webpage smiling pic

Wu Tao is a most beautiful dance form. 

Dancing Wu Tao, aligns, balances and energises our body, calms our mind, opens our heart to the joy of living and brings us to a place of stillness and deep peace… Enhance your weekly dance practice by exploring each of the five elements (air, water, wood, fire & earth) on a deeper level – or – if you would love to try Wu Tao – this one day workshop is the ideal introduction.

Beginners are most welcome!


Your Wu Tao Workshop will include:
Breathing, aligning, centering
 Makkho meridian stretches
 Insights into each of the five elements and correspondences – how are they expressed in us?
 Intuitive art process work – no artistic talent required 🙂
 Guided relaxation/meditation
Connecting to your beautiful divine self through dance
 Having fun with like-minded people


Dance to Celebrate Life! ~ Wu Tao Dance~

For more information on Wu Tao Dance or to book your place – Please contact Sue